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Birthday Stress

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Happy Birthday Hubster!


So, yesterday was the hubsters birthday. And since he has been encouraging me to write a blog I thought why not…let’s write about him. So, look out babe, you may not want to read this one!

My husband is a gift giver. He loves to give gifts…any and all kinds of gifts. Silly little gifts to great big here’s a minivan since we have two kids in carseats now kind of gifts. He gets great pleasure out of giving to others. It’s his love language. Me, not so much. I’m a do-er. I like to do things for people…..Hey, I did your laundry….I love you…..

Funny how everyone has a different love language…even more interesting is trying to give love to someone in their love language and not your own. I hate giving gifts….unless I can spend lots of money to get the person what they really really want. Like the year we married. That was a good one. We’d been married less than a month and for Paul’s birthday I got us Scuba lessons! Yup. On his bucket list. We got certified and had several fun dives…until I blew a blood vessel in my eye and got hearing damage from reverse block. Anyways, that gift was a winner. I don’t think I’ve topped it yet and we just had his 19th birthday together.

I get stressed at birthday time. How can I buy him what he really wants when the budget is more dollar store type gifts? (eww) Ask my kids. Daddy’s birthday stresses me out. Big time.

So, this year I bought him a gift he said he wanted. Early. Wrapped and waiting. Then as the day drew closer the stress built up…..Only one gift…my kids said we needed more…Daddy is a gift giver. So we made him something. The girls bought a movie gift card. Ok. Gifts done. Kinda. Maybe. What about what to do on the big day……ugh….he had to work but we still needed to have some fun.The girls created an amazing low carb meal ….even the dessert. (Ahhh, my love language…..) In the end we sang karaoke at Karaoke Korner using his birthday gift, a karaoke mic! Yup. That’s what we did. We hung out and sang. We laughed. It was fun. It wasn’t anything grand and certainly not on his bucket list. I secretly hope He thought it was ok.

So, I got to thinking. What’s God’s love language? It certainly is gift giving. He gave the greatest gift of all. And he’s a do-er as well…..He blesses us so much. He’s a time spender too. Have you ever thought how you might show your love to Him in His love language. Does it stress you out? Maybe if we focus more on Him we will learn all there is to know about love….and how to show it.

Isn’t that neat. Yahweh is the creator of love, has given His love in so many ways…and even shows us how to love others. It’s who He is. No stress needed. Be like Him and the love will come…

So , next year babe, no more stress. Hopefully as I draw closer to the Father, I will be better at showing you love like He does. In the meantime…..I cleaned your car….

What’s your love language?



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