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Change Happens even when you don’t want it to!

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This past April we sold our home and farm on 5 acres and moved “into town”. After 3 plus years of the hubster commuting an hour each way to work we knew we had to make a change. To be honest I wanted to see more of my husband and I was willing to give up my acreage to do that. I know we made the right decision but it hasn’t been easy. It wasn’t the house that has brought me sorrow, we have been blessed to be able to upgrade homes but the loss of my “farm animals” has been what is hard.


Selling my dairy cow was very easy to do. There are many folks out there wanting to become back yard farmers. I had an offer within an hour and 2 more back up offers. Saying goodbye was not as easy. Letting go of my “income” was hard. Loosing our supply of milk, yogurt, ice cream, and cheese was hard. At least I was going to be able to keep our beloved goat Heidi. She would stay with a friend till we built a fence for her.

We sold our chickens to the people buying our house and Bellweather, the sheep, went to live with friends till she kidded. Chloe and Tiger, the dog and cat we brought with us. We had checked the covenant restrictions of the community to make sure they were ok with animals and back yard farms. We could still do some things with our 1.77 acres. The only restrictions were no pigs and no chickens. The president told me they’d be ok with chickens if there was not a rooster. Deal.  Well…….little did we know that although the restrictions do not restrict other animals the “neighborhood”apparently had not heard of backyard farms…..People were complaining about our goat and she wasn’t even at the property yet!! Needless to say, our loud sheep Bellweather has had to move to other pastures.


Back to moving day….it had arrived! The POD was packed and we headed to back to back closings. What a crazy day. When all the money and paperwork had changed hands we picked up the kids and went out to dinner at Jason’s Deli here in Tallahassee. We will never forget that meal, that restaurant or the news we got as we were eating our celebration dinner. A family member called to tell us that Paul’s dad had been having a backache all evening so he went to take a nap. 20 minutes later as my mother in law checked on him, he had left this earth for his Heavenly home.

It was a crazy week with lots of traveling and funeral arrangements. We were grateful our stuff was able to just sit on the driveway locked up in the POD.  During that time, friends arrived to help clean the new house, unload the POD, scrape wallpaper, feed us and help get the fence up. So much was accomplished it was amazing. We were blessed beyond measure.

That week was hard. We sold our farm, bought a house, lost Papa and had to start a new way of living “in town”. People keep asking me if I am glad we moved? Are we settled? Is the house just great? It’s tough to answer those questions. I am grateful for Yahways many many blessings. He has a plan that is perfect for our life. I’m learning to just trust Him and go with the flow. But truth be told. I really miss my farm and my animals and being able to do chores in my pj’s. At least the neighbors warmed up to Heidi and the two cute kids she had 3 days after coming home!!




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