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Do you drink your favorite drink from one of these, a foam cup? If so, after seeing this amazing experiment, you might change your mind. Here’s the bottom line Brynna, it’s hard to get rid of one of these foam cups. You throw it in the trash, it goes to the land field, many years later you come back, you’re going to find it right there. But, here’s what we’re going to do, we are going to place the foam cup in this, this is called acetone. What do you think is going to happen? It’s going to dissolve. Okay, let’s test your hypothesis, let’s put them in just like this, push the top, and you’ll notice just that. Acetone is a solvent that easily dissolves the bonds between the polymers, which make up the cup and you can see how it’s dissolving the foam cups. Pretty amazing! For Hooked on Science, I’m Jason Lindsey.

Dissolving Styrofoam
· Styrofoam Cups

· Acetone

· Disposable Gloves

· Pie Pan

STEP 1: Place the disposable gloves on your hands and then pour 1 cup of acetone into the pie pan.
STEP 2: Place the Styrofoam cups into the pie pan of acetone and observe. Describe and classify the Styrofoam cups, before and after placing them into the pie pan of acetone, by their observable properties. Develop a model to describe how the Styrofoam cups are made of particles too small to be seen.

The acetone is a solvent that easily dissolves the bonds between the polymers, which make up the Styrofoam cups.



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