Does your livingroom look like this?

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I cleaned up this morning. Yup. I did. Don’t believe me….ask the kids. I made them help. Not long after I notice the living room floor like this….

Apparently the toddler thinks her toys belong like this….As that is how they end up several times a day. Sometimes it bugs me to be honest but other times I look over and see this….

And it’s all ok. I love that my older girls will play with the toddler. She loves them so. And they her.

The 7 girl spent the day with her dad at work the other day. That night a dinner the toddler had her foot on the 7 girl’s leg all through dinner. Then she locked arms with her till she finally moved over to the 7 girl’s chair and sat with her. I guess she missed her. It was totally adorable. The 7 girl just tolerated it all and gave her a big hug.


Do you have an age gap in your kids? What special things do they do together?

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