Loss – It’s weird how we deal with it

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We’ve had some loss recently on the farm.

This story is about the loss of the expected calf and goat kids that were due in December.

Piper, our jersey dairy cow, came to our farmstead in July at 4 months pregnant. We milked her a few months then dried her off in expectation of her due date. Well, that came and went and no calf. Well, after having her pregnancy checked we found she had miscarried along the way and I somehow missed it. No baby. Sad.

Then the next week we brought home a nubian buck to babysit him for a friend. All is good because Heidi, our goat was days away from delivery. Nope. Wrong again. No babies….Sad.

Miscarriage is a loss whether it’s in the human realm or the animal realm. Human,  much more so. We’ve had that loss as well….And as we grieved for that loss we find ourselves grieving the loss of the animals as well.

Tonight, my hubster mentions he wishes he could just pick up a calf and put it in the car everytime he drives by the dairy. I laughed because Id’ had the same thought several times!!!! My heart grieves a little each time I drive by the pasture filled with momma cows and their romping calves.

It’s weird but we are grieving that our pasture does not have babies in it.

That’s all. Grief.

Any grief in your life lately? How do you deal with it……

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