What are your top 3 things to make schooling at home easier?

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So, We homeschool. Lots of times it’s overwhelming, hard, it just doesn’t happen, we feel like we are failing, there’s too much to do. And on and on….so for for those who might need some help (ummm, me) give me your top three things that you do to make it easier…..Nothing elaborate, I need quick,  easy and real. Now go!

Here are a few of mine:

1.Serve cereal for breakfast so it doesn’t take up too much time or thought.

2.No play time till Math and reading are done. Use a checklist on kid level.

3. If something really needs done…(like cleaning for company) get everyone to participate for 10 minutes then watch 10 minutes of a movie….then 10 more minutes of cleaning.

And one last help….read The Old SchoolHouse Magazine!

What are your top 3?


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