Why would you read my blog?

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I’m just a regular momma of 5 beautiful girls. Not sure why anyone would want to read what I write but the hubster says I should blog. He said blog about my day, just last night he told me I should give it a whirl. So…around 10 am I head out to feed my animals…yes, 10 am is late but I haven’t slept much in the past two weeks cause the 2 year old has a cough….but that is another story.

Just so you can get the picture…we live on 5 acres and have what you’d call a hobby farm. Yup. The farm part being some livestock, the hobby part being that it’s not our full time employment….but today it felt like it was. I spent several hours digging a hole today. One big enough to bury our 8 month old ram lamb whom we were raising for, well, dinner one day. Not sure why he died, it wasn’t a predator I’m pretty sure…so I guess that leaves illness. Not that I knew he was ill. So there he was and I had to do something about it.

But then, it hit me. Blog, the hubster says…..so I text him to inform him of our loss and jokingly say, “So, you want me to blog about this?” Yup. So there you have it. My first blog. My first blog and it’s about a death on the farm and how that impacts us. Nothing fancy, definitely not cute or funny….Why would you read, I’m still not sure. But there you have it.

So as I was out digging a hole in the back pasture I got to thinking I should pray. Use the time wisely. As I was thinking about that and what a weird post this would be I realized that I did have something to contribute. So here goes….

I’m exhausted. I haven’t slept much in the past two weeks as I mentioned before. I also have 5 kids…and a hobby farm….so there is always something to do….but in that moment I realized that it was quiet and peaceful and kinda serene. God knew what I needed today. Some time in His presence, in the quiet to just soak in Him. It might have included some digging but I was out in the pasture by myself and enjoying the quiet, the peace, the wonderful weather….and it was refreshing me. Sometimes, we need weird things to happen so we can step back and take a moment to just be in the quiet of the Father. It was renewing .I am grateful. For a few hours, I was by myself, not having to meet anyone’s needs, just basking in the peace of my heavenly Father.

Thank you, dear Phil, for your beautiful wool. I am sorry you have left us early. Thank you for providing me with some much needed quiet. Thank you Father for refreshing me.

Do you have a hobby farm? Ever have one of those days where you know God had a purpose even when things seemed hard?



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